Chic Lifestyle Goods with Modern Simplicity


For the past 18 years, Transtek has been supplying components that are used in just about every electronic product that you see day to day - from your phone, to your TV, to the barcode scanner that you encounter whenever you check out at the supermarket. Throughout the years, we spent a lot of time and energy figuring out how to provide great quality products consistently. A lot of learning happened, and the results speak for themselves. We were a major manufacturer for companies like Tesla, Samsung and LG, amongst many other top name brands. 

There is no end point for me. Each time I reach the goal, another one appears further ahead, and I’m even more determined to make it to that goal, because I know that with each goal I reach, I’ll be able to make something that truly speaks to my passion as an artist, technology-enthusiast, and most importantly, my love for others. My work must convey the most natural and human element in design itself, otherwise, I have failed myself and those around me.
— Founder

Fast forward to now, and we're shifting our focus towards the consumer market itself. We want to deliver the final, polished product to you, the customer, ourselves. Through using our established connections as a manufacturer and the expertise gained from the manufacturing industry in the past two decades, we're applying all of the knowledge that we have at our disposal in order to bring you top quality products for your home. Our belief that is technology needn't stand out as a singularly functional component within your home. Instead, it should blend in seamlessly with the accessories and furniture that you have around your house or compliment your home's aesthetic. Because of this, all of our products are designed to be multipurpose at the most fundamental level, but strive to be modern, elegant, and chic at the highest level of fit and finish. Technology is most amazing when you can't even see what is happening before your very eyes. This is our passion and bringing this to you is our goal. 


The Idea

 At Transtek, we're always trying to push the limits of our creativity, while paying excessive attention to the quality of our products that we ship to you. For us, it doesn't just stop at creating a beautiful product, but it's about the entire process and experiencing of receiving our product and opening it for the first time. We want you to be amazed and pleased by our experience every step of the way.  

Style & Quality

We carefully select from the world’s most premium materials and apply them to precision engineered products. All the materials that go into the final products are handpicked and carefully considered by us so that we have full confidence in the fit and finish of what is being delivered to you. You're paying for a high end product and we will deliver it to you.

Hidden Technology

Our goal is to make technology disappear within ordinary, everyday objects around the house. We believe that technology should work seamlessly and blend in with our surroundings. This is why we choose to use wireless charging, amongst other technologies, to retain the uninterrupted look of household objects. The technology should function without being visible. It just works.